Prague and back

It is not often that such opportunities become a reality for young dancers. Prague was certainly a once in a lifetime experience for Billy, Tiffanie and Katherine who are currently well into their Professional level full-time training. The Prague International Master Classes bring together 90 dancers and treat them as Professional Dancers on tour and work them through 8 hour days for 14 days. Every dancer is away from home and experience working long hours combined with the challenges of many different languages spoken in the same studio, different techniques, different studios and dancers. All of this with the different weather and food. The Master Teachers and coaches were 15 of the be

Travelling to Prague

Flying out of Alice Springs was certainly different, it was exciting to have finally stepped into that place where you can't do anything else, all the preparations and organising are finished . We were leaving an amazing team of people behind and they were smiling when we left. We arrived in Darwin around 7.00pm, thrashed out all the details with Leisa making sure we had everything covered. We had a ballet class in Darwin at 10.00 with the dancers and Leisa's teachers, Juliet and Emily were in charge at Leisa's ballet school and we headed to the airport travelling to Singapore where we would have a rest day before travelling to Paris.