Tutu delightful

Tutu's and classical ballet go hand in hand and as we know a tutu can be very beautiful to look at and simply stunning to dance in. Before you see the costume tutu on stage dancers like to refine their ballet wearing a rehearsal tutu. It is a challenge wearing tutu because while you are dancing you can not see your feet and arm placements are limited. Tutu rehearsals for Don Quixote started on Saturday and will continue for the next few weeks.

Happy Easter and Thank-you

We had a wonderful Saturday afternoon making phone calls to the prize winners of our Easter Raffle. It was delightful, all the winners were happy to call into the studio to collect their prizes. We can't thank our ballet family enough for the enthusiastic way you all helped in the raffle and huge thank you to Katherine Cook who donated so many Easter Gifts to get our Easter Raffle underway. The Australian Dance Academy thanks everyone!! Brothers Jack and Paddy amongst our winners.

Lucky young dancers!

Parents do the hard yards but the results speak for themselves. The beginning of term challenged parents with extremely hot weather, getting their young ones back to school and extra activities. Every picture tells a story our young dance students are certainly inspiring! Thank you to all our parents you are stars!!

Busy March

An Exciting and busy month which started with Bangarra Dance Theatre spending a couple of days in our studios for classes, rehearsals and a Master Class/Workshop for our dancers. It was inspiring having two dance companies spread throughout the building. There were computers, sewing machines, dancers, physiotherapy sessions, pilates, music and meetings. Then we had invited guests in our studio for 'Postcards from Prague' an afternoon of open classes, studio performances followed by photographs and videos from the Prague International Master Classes. We have a photo shoot for 'Men in Tights' this week and Easter to finish what seemed an exciting month. Our young dancers are focused and


Congratulations! to our newly Ranked Corps de Ballet and Coryphée dancers. Your dedication and commitment to Duprada Dance Company and the art of classical ballet is recognised every day. Enjoy the challenges, the highs and the lows knowing that you are valued and appreciated as one of our dancers.

Postcards from Prague

It is a privilege to be able to spend a Saturday Afternoon with such inspiring people. Appreciation and thank you to the dancers who constantly work hard and give us their best every day. It was a pleasure to have such a wonderful audience in the studio to hear a little about the Prague International Master Classes in 2017. Open Classes will be held again in June where Billy, Tiffanie and Tamara will talk about their International experiences and dancing in Prague and the 'Lynne Hanton Award' . Stay Posted!