Washing, washing and more washing

Wow, I can see the floor after 10 loads of washing every day for the last month as we pack away Darwin's fabulous 'Blossom Tea Party' and 'Arabian Nights' and of course 'The Nutcracker' which seems to be the biggest of all the ballets to costume. Luckily I like washing Tiffanie and Alex are busy ironing, counting, filling out repair sheets, updating the catalogue and packing. Our Alice Springs stunning blue skyes, bright (very hot) sunshine is fantastic for our costumes.

Busy Week-end

Life is full of lovely surprises Our annual Christmas Party Classes began last Tuesday and other than a brief moment they were on every day finally winding up with Duprada Dance Company Christmas party and Alex's farewell on Saturday evening. Happy little faces everywhere, we had fun decorating the studios lighting them with fairy lights. The children loved dancing to different music and playing simple games. As I reflect over our busy year it is fantastic to stand back and watch them living in the moment and seeing how much they have changed over the year. Growing up is hard to do but all of our students seemed to have excelled and flourished in 2017.

A brief pause!

The usual mind set of "looking forward to the end of the year" does not happen as you would think here in the Duprada studios. Dancers, like athletes must stay in shape so daily classical ballet classes are scheduled throughout the holiday break with a brief pause from Christmas to New Year. The fact is if dancers take two days off it takes two days to get back to where you were and if you take a year off it takes a year to get back into the challenging technique of Classical Ballet. At a professional level having a break for seven weeks over the holidays is not an option. A Brief pause it is!

Thats a Wrap!

Interesting, I always think I have more time than I actually have so I guess this is late news. Tiffanie, Billy and Tamara arrived back from a very successful trip to Darwin and 12 hours later straight into Nutcracker rehearsals. As always they were focused and quickly got into the rhythm of classes, rehearsals, production meetings, costumes, teaching and packing for our theatre bump-in. The added tasks of preparing the 2018 timetable writing reports and preparing certificates for the students certainly made the studio a very busy place. The Nutcracker had fantastic audiences which certainly lit up the faces of the performers. Our youngest dancers learn so much from those who are a litt