Araluen Theatre, a second home

Duprada Dance Company dancers call the theatre home. The expression means they just feel at home in the theatre and we are fortunate enough to be able to rehearse and perform in such an amazing place. In the months or April and May we will be in the theatre as much as we are in the studio. Preparations for 'Men in Tights' and Don Quixote following in two weeks time has meant being in the theatre for a month. I have an office in the Studio and an office at Araluen seems silly but very necessary. Costumes and props in both paces with every dancer carefully reading call sheets to know where their next class and rehearsal will be. Alice Springs is such a special place - Araluen is a specia

Where are my girls?

It has been a busy week 'Men in Tights' is on tonight and looks exciting. What has been the most difficult part of this production not having the girls! I have missed them a lot, they will finally be in class this afternoon - together again which will make me feel much more at home. I am looking forward to Don Quixote Rehearsals tomorrow with everyone! Phew! what a week-end.